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The graphs below show the qualities obtained over time for the ntt-short-1 test file collection, at a compression rate of 0.1 bits per pixel.

Red = x265 performance point

Blue = vp8 performance point

Green = x264 performance point





Video set:

Reference runs:

Experimental runs:

Bits per pixel



AreWeCompressedYet is a continuous-integration system used to test video codecs' compression abilities. It is used for the development of free codecs such as AV1.

Viewing run data

  1. Choose the home tab.
  2. Select two runs on the left by clicking them.
  3. Rate distortion graphs will appear. These plot bitrate on the X axis, and quality on the Y axis.
  4. Different metrics and videos can be selected from the dropdowns on top of the graph.
  5. A BD-Rate report, which shows a summary of the graph data, can be accessed underneath the graph. Negative percentages show improvements, positive percentages show regressions.


You must have a changeset in an approved Git repository. If you would like your personal Git repository approved, see the contact information below. You will also need an access key.

  1. If not entered already, type your access key into the Secret Key field and choose Login.
  2. Type a unique name into the Run ID field. A unique name is already filled out for you, but you can choose something more descriptive if you like.
  3. Enter a Git hash to run. You can also use any valid Git reference, such as "origin/master" for the latest version.
  4. All other fields are optional. Here are some useful ones:
    • The Subset box allows you to choose a custom set of videos to run. In most cases, you should use objective-1-fast.
    • The Codec box allows you to choose a different codec. This is useful for comparing codecs against each other.
    • The Extra Build Options allows you to specify custom options to the configure script. This is how you enable experimental features in AV1, for example:
      --enable-experimental --enable-dering
  5. Submit a run. It will be entered into the queue. When it is complete, it will appear in the list of runs.

Contact information

IRC: #aomedia or #daala @